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Insights on Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

Chiro doctors commonly treat acute injuries from car accidents, sports, falls, etc. Chiropractic treatment improves mobility, reduces pain, and corrects the underlying cause of the initial problem. At Copiague Chiropractic PC, serving Copiague, NY, and the surrounding areas, we provide chiropractic therapy for injury rehabilitation. Here’s an overview of chiropractic rehabilitation. 

What Is Chiropractic Rehabilitation? 

Chiro rehabilitation blends various approaches, including physical therapy, to help your body recover from an injury and regain its normal functionality. Additionally, it prevents the recurrence of the same injury and future injuries. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Injury Rehabilitation

  • Assists you in recovering faster by optimizing the healing of injured tissue
  • Reduces pain
  • Prevents the recurrence of injuries and prevents future problems
  • Improves body coordination and balance
  • Restores normal body functionality after injury
  • Boosts your fitness and overall health

What Does Chiropractic Rehabilitation Involve? 

Our chiropractor will guide you through various regular physical therapy exercises in chiropractic rehabilitation. In addition, the chiropractor will apply some chiropractic adjustments to correct the underlying problem associated with your injury. The exercises will include: 

  • Mobilization and de-conditioning exercises 3 to 4 times daily: Chiropractic rehabilitation commonly begins with two weeks of regular mobilization and de-conditioning exercises. Each exercise only works within the pain-free range of movement to mitigate the risk of injury. These exercises help relieve joint stiffness and promote healing.
  • At least 10 stretching sessions weekly: As your soft tissue and joints begin to heal, you will start on gentle stretching exercises to relax tight muscles. It can take up to two months of repetitive stretching to free tight muscles and roughly a year of stretching free tight ligaments. If you experience pain after stretching, the chiropractor can relieve it with ice therapy and exercise modification. 
  • Strengthening and stabilization exercises 2 to 3 times weekly: Strengthening and stabilization exercises are meant to make weak muscles stronger. You will likely have to do the exercises for 2 to 3 months. An additional benefit of strengthening and stabilization exercises is that they improve posture. 
  • Aerobic exercises 2 to 3 times weekly: Aerobic exercises boost your cardiovascular and lung function, thereby improving your overall fitness. Moderate to intense aerobic exercises can burn fat, encourage the release of natural painkillers, and enhance your bone density. 
  • Balance and coordination exercises: These exercises retrain your muscles to work well together. It also optimizes nerve functionality and increases body awareness. 

How Are the Physical Exercises Prescribed? 

During your first visit to the chiropractic clinic, the chiropractor will review your medical history, ask you several routine questions about your injury, and examine your injury. The examination of your injury will include an analysis of your posture, muscle strength, muscle length, muscle speed, and coordination and balance of muscle activity. 

Seeking Chiro Injury Rehabilitation? 

If you reside in Copiague, NY, or the surrounding area, Copiague Chiropractic PC is an excellent chiropractic clinic providing chiropractic rehabilitation for injuries. Call us today at (631) 608-8700 .


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